To all members of the Realms, I am Captain Wayne, Warlord of The Black Arrows. Many of you have probably been wondering how we came to your lands, so here is our story.

A few years ago, in our homeland of Ratharryn, my father, the warlord of the Arrow Tribe, went mad. While we once shared in the bounty of our raids on other tribes, he began hoard all the spoils of war. This made his people angry, but no one dared question him. His war parties were feared throughout the land, and the decision to oppose him was not made lightly. It was not until my father began hording food as well, and our tribe began to starve, that I gathered my supporters and rose against him.

My brother Veskit immediately pledged the aid of he and his village to me and my cause. My warriors were the best fighters of the tribe, but there were far more who remained loyal to my father than in my brother's and my armies combined. We had to be cautious with our resources, and choose our battles carefully. We began ambushing my father's warparties in every advantageous situation. It is through these activities that we earned the name you know us by, the "Black Arrows."

When the rebellion began we dyed our former Arrow Tribe uniforms black. This was done to distinguish ourselves from our enemies in form and philosophy, but also to help conceal ourselves during night raids. Our ambushes met with greater and greater success, and my father's warriors began to dread their former brothers, vengeful in their black uniforms, and others joined us as time went on. Our campaign's success grew rapidly, and after only one short year, victory was within our grasp.

My father was out of options to resist us, and nothing stood between my armies and victory, however we were denied a peaceful resolution to the war. My father, maddened further and further by defeat, sought to destroy all we had worked for before we could take it from him. He commanded his war parties to execute all of the women and children, burn all of the crops, and destroy any other resources the tribe still had. At this point, horrified by what he was capable of, most of my father's army defected and swore loyalty to me. Sadly, however, many still feared him and carried out his terrible orders, ravaging their own homes.

When word reached us about this terrible act we immediately moved to prevent as much damage as we could. It was no use. By the time we reached the raiding groups they had already done considerable damage. In vengeance, we mercilessly cut every last one of them down. We were victorious. We had taken back our home. But it was hardly the home we one had. The great majority of our resources were ruined. The fields had even been salted and some of our water sources poisoned as well. I was now a warlord, but my tribe was weakened and vulnerable. I needed to set out to find food and supplies for my people, so I took my Headhunter Warriors and we set out to sea in search of either new land to move to or for resources to return home.

On one of these voyages we landed on an uncharted shore. Venturing forth alone to cover as much ground as I could, I went ashore to explore. After I had traveled for some time across barren land, I heard music and cheering and followed those noises. Before long I stumbled upon a man in a feathered hat. He introduced himself as Sir Aeston Stromgate, leader of the lands of Vinehaeven, which was where I had arrived. He told me I was in the land of the Realms and that the celebration I had heard was the Feast of Leviathan. He invited me to attend and I accepted.

At the feast I looked around and realized I had found what my people needed. There was an enormous bounty of food and riches, and even better the people were friendly. The next day I returned to Vinehaeven with my men and Sir Aeston arranged for us to stay in his lands. He had us re-fitted and equipped and made us feel at home. I immediately appointed one of my warriors, Stripes, as an ambassador to these new lands and I sent word to Ratharryn of our good fortune. It has been about a year since that time. We have had much luck in the Realms thus far and now believe it can be the new home that our tribe needs so badly.

Captain Wayne
January 4th, Y.L. 2007