Sir Aeston Stromgate

Aeston hails from the arctic north. He journeyed to the realms many years ago for lack of anything better to do, and has since thrived. Having spent many years in observation of other nations and watching them come and go, he believed that he understood the most important aspects of making a group successful. He thus gathered his closest friends and Vinehaeven was born.

Secret Move: Totally Illegal Shield Bash

Teak Rivenbrook

Chosen as Aeston's second in command due to her dilegence and natural leadership, Teak is usually succesfull at letting the importance of the task at hand overcome her natural pessimism. Rumor has it that she once sailed the high seas as a pirate until her boat was lost in an unfortunate DWI incident. Since then she has been an incredable asset to the team.

Secret Move: Pike Flurry to the Groin

Draykin Stone

Draykin, or Jameson as he is often known, has grown very quickly as a fighter. He is able to leverage his natural height and speed into a very effective sword-and-shield style. Draykin is plagued by the inability to harness the powers of logic or common sense into his debates. This wouldn't be such a problem, however, if he and Teak weren't arguing about something every waking moment.

Secret Move: Stupid Long Monkey Arm Reach

Fenris Ulf

Fenris, also called Nihvral after his middle name, fell through a portal one day and ended up amongst us. He is one of Aeston's oldest friends, having helped in the running of The Feast of the Leviathan for many years. Fenris has a certain ackward looking style to his fighting, his walking, his speaking... in fact, just about everything he does. His dedication, however, is strong and true.

Secret Move: Overconfident Looking Flourish

Nelson Flinthand

Nelson began his life of martial training years before he came to the realms, and it shows in the speed and finesse of his flourintein style. Nelson is more than a little scatterbrained which may have contributed to the ship-colliding incident that caused both him and Teak to subsiquintly become landlubbars. His trademark smile, however, never dissapears in the face of such hardship.

Secret Move: Slice and Dice and More Slice

Areni Daru

Having begun her carrear as an adventurer a couple years before Vinhaeven was born, Areni is known for making such wise decisions as associating herself with Rhiassa and the Church of Justari. As our only spellcaster, she rises to the task of keeping five fighters alive and healed. Though the most recent addition to the group, none of us can imagine a Vinehaeven without her.

Secret Move: Inaccurate Arrow Storm